Elias Rochester lost his soul, and now he's got to eat souls if he doesn't want to be dragged into Hell. One night, he decides he can't do it anymore, and instead of eating her soul, Elias saves Catalina's life. Because Elias can't go back to how he was and Cat no longer has anywhere to go, they both end up in a refuge village in Romania called Ascunziş. A refuge for monsters that is. After being there for a while he learns there's a way to get his soul back, but it comes at a high price and Elias isn't too sure he can go through with it.
Hellbound is set on Earth in the year 2014. Everything is the same, except monsters--and more importantly, angels and demons--are real.


Hellbound is my currently updating comic. It has helped me make massive strides in adding detail to my art due to having to draw so much in the backgrounds, as well as being a way to hone my time management skills in order to keep a consistently updating comic. Hellbound updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Hellbound can be found on multiple websites!

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